About Rotary Chowrenghee


Rotary is a well known non-profit organization in the world that has dedicated itself for the upliftment of the community at large. The forum seeks to uplift the overall conditions of the needy that form a major part of our society, through various avenue of service locally, nationally and internationally.


Rotary Club Of Calcutta Chowrenghee is a club of 57 enthusiastic members who have joined hands to serve the community together. Our Rotary International call – ‘lend a hand for service to mankind’. Since our charter in May 2000 we have raised funds that have been utilized wisely to meet urgent and critical needs of the community. We at Rotary Chowrenghee have taken it upon ourselves to reach out and make a difference in our own humble way.

The varied classification of our members include professions such as Doctors, Lawyers, Artists,Designers, Exporters/Importers,Stock Brokers, IT Professionals Automobile & Insurance Dealers, Manufacturers and Traders.

The Club, since its inception in the year 2000, has been making valuable contribution in all the FOUR AVENUES OF SERVICE.

We boast of our breakfast club, the only club to have one in the district.

We meet every alternate Friday at 8:30-10.00 a.m. at Saffron – The Park Hotel, Kolkata, India.

Locality of the club

The locality of the club is as follows:

The area starting from No. 4 Railway Bridge of Eastern Railways on the north through Beckbagan and southern side of Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, meeting at the eastern side of Sarat Bose Road. The southern side is bounded by the northern side of Hazra Road, running through Bondel Road upto Railway level crossing. The eastern side runs through Rifle Road and meets at No. 4 Railway Bridge on Bright Street.