1)138 IOL surgeries was done in collaboration with Saraf Charitable Foundation
2)Camp for Glaucoma prevention & diabetes screening was conducted at RCV Uluberia on Sun 4th Feb. PP Dr Pradeep Saraf gave an awareness talk on the dangers of high sugar & BP as a cause of diabetes leading to eye & kidney damage.
3)We joined RC Calcutta Victoria for organising a seminar on TB Awareness on 24th March. Each club can have Rs 25,000 to do a TB Awareness campaign.
4) Baby Rehnuma’s corrective cardiac surgery was partially sponsored by RC Chowrenghee at Durgapur Mission Hospital. Dr Nazrul Islam is the consulting physician . RC Chowrenghee is contributing Rs 65000/-. 

Project Update

June-December 2018

Thallasemia awareness & vaccination camp at RCC Uluberia