Tree Planting

1) 75 tree were planted on 10th Dec at Cow Shelter at Baruipur, maintained by Dhyan Foundation.
2) 150 fruit trees- mango guava coconut jamun, pomegranate, were distributed to the parents of RCV students.
3) In collaboration with Bees Trees & Water, 90 fruit trees and flowering shrubs were distributed in Sundarbans.  

Project Update

June-December 2018

210 trees given by the district were distributed to students, teachers, tailoring students at Rotary Chowrenghee Vidyalaya, Uluberia. We planted some trees outside on both sides of the entrance road to the school and boundary of the proposed park.
50 trees given to the Inreact Club by the Dist were planted at the Dhyan Ashram Cow Shelter at Baruipur.
We hope to plant 30,000 mangrove tree saplings in the Sunderbans