Apnalaya is a vocational center at CHIP, (Children In Pain) NGO based in Tangra, where we provide training and financial support to young adults by training & making & selling the following handicrafts: Embroidered towels, Napkins etc. It conducts one year training programs for basic & advanced tailoring (12 girls) & embroidery training (10 girls).
Computer training (25children) & Beautician training (14 girls) is conducted at Parivarikee School , Lake Gardens.
Our fund raiser exhibition Parampara gives free table space to NGOs such as Apnalaya, CHIP, Parivarikee, Ektaara, Disha etc to support the sale of their products.

Parivarikee: On 13th September 2017, some of our club members visited Parivarikee, the school we support through mid day meals, beautician course and computer training. It was great to see how well the school was running, and what caught our attention was the fact that the school was spic n span and very well maintained.
We also saw the vocational classes – beautician & computer training.
The members who paid the visit were, President Ritu, PP Rajni, PP Nita, PP Meena, Rtn Alka Didwania, Rtn Masuma, Rtn Nutan and Rtn Alka Jain.
Bee keeping training was conducted at Honey House, Shashon, Baruipur under the guidance of Mr DK Ghosh and Ms Jhuma Mondal. Eight boxes have been distributed to four locations . The cost for these have been borne by Bees Trees and Water group.

Project Update

June-December 2018

Vocational support to CHIP tailoring & embroidery, Parivarikee beautician & computer training, RCC Uluberia for tailoring.